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Şifa Health Facilities Inc. Our hospital, which is family-based with its shareholders and management team under the name of its legal entity, started its activities in 1987 in the Fatih district of Istanbul. Our hospital started to be revised in terms of physical competencies in the building in which we operate in 2014 and continued on its way without disturbing the family-based structure.

Our hospital  from 1987  in the healthcare field  reliable to you, our valued guests.  provides quality service. Special  In Fatih Hospital's Obstetrics and Gynecology outpatient clinics  in Fatih district with the sensitivity shown to patient privacy.  occupied a special place. In our outpatient clinics, patients in our postpartum hospitalization services  security and privacy are taken care of.

Contemporary  a corporate  up-to-date business  to you, our patients, with our qualified, smiling physician staff who follow the information  To provide the best quality and equal service.

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to human  and society  our responsibility to  respecting patient rights and  most importantly, patient satisfaction is at the forefront  to provide you with a good service understanding by keeping  is our duty and responsibility.


Our Physicians  Reliable, peaceful, based on medical ethics  As the owner of a full address to you, our patients.  provides service.

Continually  development  target area  our hospital is you  to our valued patients  to feel at home  aims. The basics of our polyclinics  value criterion is to be patient-centered and patient  is satisfaction.  

In our polyclinics  with our staff who care about smiling patient satisfaction  provides you with excellent service.

Valuable  our visitors  and dear Fatih  Hospital friends; Conqueror  To the concept of satisfaction as a hospital  reach better service without limiting  we are working for.

It  with determination  and healthy with faith  We wish you a life. 

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Our hospital consists of 2 separate buildings located in the central location of Fatih district, where we provide health services. Although our first building has a historical exterior, it consists of a closed area of 1000 m² and 5 floors. 2000 m² in total  27 in the field  We provide service with a bed, 2 newborn and 2 adult intensive care units.


Our vision;

We envisage being a health center that delivers quality health services to the majority of the society and plays a pioneering role.

Our Mission;

In all healthcare services we specialize in, we continue to be a pioneer in introducing quality healthcare to the majority of the society, with advanced healthcare technology and facilities, without compromising on medical ethical principles, and respecting patient rights.

Our Quality Policy is;

. Ensuring patient and employee satisfaction

. Protecting the rights of patients and their relatives, informing and educating at every stage of treatment

. To aim for continuous measurement and improvement with the participation of all employees

. To provide health services at international level with professional staff

. To be a pioneer in scientific research by using modern technology, to work without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles

. Supporting continuing education and supporting employees' participation in international congresses / seminars / publications

. Providing quality service at an affordable cost



Gynecology and Obstetrics

Child Health and Diseases


Anesthesia and Reanimation

Nutrition and Diet

Internal medicine

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

General Surgery

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases



Neonatal and Adult Intensive Care


Microbiology and SMA
Endoscopy Laboratory




Radiology Laboratory 

X Ray Direct X-Ray


Bone Daninometry

Ultrasonography (USG) Color Doppler

Panoramic X-Ray (Intraoral X-Ray)

HSG (Intrauterine Imaging)

Other Diagnostic Methods 

Allergy Tests

First Level Hearing Test

Blood Pressure Holter

Ovulation Tracking


There are 10 specialist physicians working in our hospital. Our staff consists of individuals who are trained in their fields, experienced and friendly and carefully selected and recruited to our institution. 

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